Mitch Turner
Competitive Cyclist - November 10, 2011

Hi All,

Just another quick follow up email post IMFL. Due to exceptional bike transportation service I just had to share this with this group.

I utilized the services of PRKBIKES owned by Peter Koskinen to get my bike and equipment to Panama City. Bike was picked up and returned to my home, no requirement to ‘pack’ or ‘strip’ anything – bike went as it was and was waiting for me in PC ready to be ridden. After the race I just wheeled it over to PRKBIKES and that was it.

Extremely easy, safe and one less thing to think or worry about. A friend who has used their services now for numerous IM’s fortunately passed on their info. Just wanted to do the same for anyone who may have signed up again or is doing any other races that they may need logistics for.

Peter has also spent many years on the pro circuit and is a fantastic resource for bike fits, technical needs, etc.

- Mitch

Richard Crandall
Cycling Enthusiast - October 26, 2011

Hey Peter,

I followed your instructions: injected 30 cc of cafe latte, inflated tire, spun tire on bike stand several times, it held the pressure.

I let out the air, glued up the rim and tire, and remounted it. I rode on it for the Wednesday ride!

Joyce Rutledge (Follow-up)
Cycling Enthusiast - April 24, 2011

You don't have to be a professional cyclist, or even a superior athlete, to profit from a visit or consultation with Peter.

My husband and I have been recreational riders, on and off, for almost four decades now. We had used a constantly changing cast of fitters and wrenches over the years to keep us riding, some almost satisfactory and some not. But until we met Peter, we had never had the pleasure and joy of knowing someone with a genuinely comprehensive, reflective knowledge of biker and bike mechanics -- what will work (or not) for YOUR body on THIS frame. Peter understands fit and he will not settle for something less than optimal for you.

In his 40+ years on bikes and many decades now helping other cyclists improve their performance, Peter has also acquired many hard-won insights into his craft. In his hands, biking becomes an art form: you and your bike become fluid, efficient and swift. These days, we won't let anyone else touch our bikes. He's the man. Don't settle for less!

Keith Flint
Competitive Cyclist - February 3, 2011

I hired Peter as a Coach/Mechanic in 1984 and I am grateful for all he taught me.

As a young, novice cyclist, making the transition from competitive distance running to competitive cycling, I benefited immeasurably from Peter's experience, guidance, knowledge, and expertise.

His contributions to Rainbow Racing, the Rainbow Velo Club, and to me personally as a developing cyclist, made a positive and lasting impression, and the skills he taught and the training he advocated have served me well over a lifetime.

David Roberts
Senior Biking Enthusiast - June 15, 2010

I love biking and especially group rides, but felt my performance was headed 'south' after a bike accident 2 years ago resulted in a broken femur. My rides in last 18 months have been characterized by less speed, diminished climbing ability, and slower post ride recovery with more aches/burning in the quads. I wondered if I was just getting old (I’m 61) or if the injury had left me permanently impaired (or some combination of the two).

I did a group ride recently and Peter of PRK Bikes observed me during the ride and came up after and said 'your seat is much too low and you could improve your power/climbing ability by getting properly fitted to your bike.'

Two days later I took my Serotta to Peter’s shop. He very patiently took all the measurements needed to fit me to a bike. In the process he discovered that my left leg (the broken leg which now has a titanium rod in the femur) was 3/8 inch shorter than my right leg. Peter immediately built a 3/8 inch custom extension to my left cleat from materials in his shop (see photo below).

He then raised my seat over 2 inches to achieve the optimal leg extension in my down stroke. Finally, he raised the handlebars to the proper height in relation to my new seat elevation.

My rides since the 'bike fit' have been outstanding. My endurance and climbing are improved. I have more power going up hills and find myself spinning a bigger gear while maintaining my usual RPM’s. My post ride sensations do not include the 'burning' quads. My recovery is faster.

I’m very fortunate that Peter 'found' me and said 'you could be a stronger rider if…' I’ve already recommended PRK Bikes to one biking friend, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Peter to anyone in need of a professional biking workup.

Melissa Bybee
Triathlete - June 14, 2010

Peter Koskinen did a huge favor for me when he took a couple measurements and one look at the Cervelo P2 that I'd bought at a high-end triathlon shop in midtown Manhattan and said, 'I cannot fit this bike to you. Top tube's too long.' I'd bought the bike in 2008.

Relatively new to triathlon, with only 4 races under my belt (2 olympic, 2 sprint), I could see myself doing longer events where comfort and aerodynamics become critical, so I decided to buy a tri bike. My shop of choice spent a lot of time discussing my options in light of my newness to the sport and spending limits. They did a detailed fit, which I thought was good, although I was a little wary that they did not note a single measurement during the nearly two hours they spent making adjustments!

I quickly became plagued by general discomfort and increasing shin pain on the bike. I had a second fit by a reputable road bike fit specialist. His adjustments alleviated some, but not all, of my issues. Within a short time, I was broken. My shins, further aggravated by running, developed stress reactions. My hamstrings were a mess! I hung the bike on a rack thinking it was over as quickly as it had begun.

In January 2010, I scheduled a fit with Peter, based on a friend's recommendation. Peter noticed right away that the Cervelo frame was too big. Rather than waste his time trying to fit the impossible, he suggested that he had a carbon frame in my size – a VeloVie. He offered to put the Cervelo parts on the VeloVie frame, suggesting that I sell the Cervelo frame on eBay. It sold very quickly.

I've been riding the VeloVie for a few months now, and so far, I'm very pleased with it! I just completed my first race in 2 years, the 2010 RJA Memorial Mighty Montauk olympic distance triathlon on June 12, 2010, where I placed first in my age group! I'm looking forward to longer rides and races on this bike and to working with Peter as I grow into this amazing sport.

Thank you, Peter, for thinking outside the box (or, in this case, the frame)!!!

Lance Steed
Mobile, Al - April 23, 2010

Thanks for fixing my bike for free the day before last weekend's New Orleans Oschner 70.3 race. It was a lifesaver. I was tooless and cashless and you did a great job. Had a good race on Sunday. Averaged 23.4 mph on the bike without having to push too hard. Saved a little for the run and finished 7th place in the 40-44 age group. Could not have done that with the rear wheel rubbing the frame cutout on my Cervelo P3. I hope to see you at another big event and thank you again.

Jeff Fryer
Master Series Racer

I have been racing in the Masters series for over 15 years. Two years ago, I met Peter Koskinen at the Park City Triathlon, held in Bridgeport CT. After talking to Peter, I asked him to overall my bike. That week we made plans to meet, and he did a complete overhaul on both my Time Trial bike and Road bike. I have to say that he did an outstanding job.

It has been a year and a half since he did that work and I have not had one issue with the bike. That is a first, since I started racing. He truly knows his business. I plan on meeting Peter in April 2010 so he can redo the Trek 5900 bike.

Great job!

Clayton R. Tebbetts
President and Founder- Team Mossman Triathlon Club

PRK Bikes has been working with Team Mossman Triathlon Club since 2003. Peter Koskinen has provided professional bike support for our Club and Race Events. Peter’s vast knowledge and expertise has been an incredible asset to us.

As a race director it’s an amazing feeling to know that “all things bike related” are not to be worried about when Peter is around. Our events are that much more special because we allow the participants access to such a pro. Many Sprint and Olympic distance races have the local bike shop mechanic on site with an air pump and a box of tubes with them for race support, Peter brings in a 50 foot rolling bike shop.

Organizers and participants enjoy this added component. PRK Bikes also offers our club tremendous support. He hauls bikes to many major events for us and allows the team to set up shop near his truck and enjoy a festival type atmosphere.

Team Mossman has truly been blessed to work with Peter and his crew for all these years. I am hopeful that this relationship lasts for years to come.

Ginny Somma

About ten years ago I met Peter after 1/2 Ironman in upstate NY. My lower back was throbbing and I was disappointed with my finish time. Peter knew right away that I was just another triathlete on an ill fitting bike. He took one look and grabbed my bike. The next day after a series of measurements and adjustments, voila I was a new woman on my wheels. I knew he was a miracle worker.

Throughout the decade Peter and I have crossed paths in various races, in various cities all over the East coast. Peter, his truck and his funky music are a welcome relief at any race. He is always dependable- ready for a fix or adjustment. There have been so many times that I have tossed my bike into the stable of those waiting for his attention during the pre-race frenzy. And there are so many times he would gladly work on it and make it race ready. I thought the wonderful service was because he knew me. I now know that is who he is-- willing to go 'the extra mile' for all of his customers while doling out exceptional service.

Whenever I need something for my bike, my go to guy is Peter. He's a trustworthy source, a very hard worker, an excellent mechanic, and on top of it all, a friend. He is the one who made me love riding again.

Joyce Rutledge

The new blue bike turned out really really well. Your work gets huge compliments from me, of course. I am quite pleased. John likes it as well.

I will try to get some miles onto it over the next month or so.